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Non Profit Organisation (NPO) number: 089-826 

Public Benefactor Organisation (PBO) number: 930035081


This statement serves to officiate that Women and Beyond NPO has officially closed on the 21 January 2021. Throughout the years, the organization has struggled to acquire and maintain sponsorships, donations and sufficient pledges that will allow for the functional operation of the ministry (such as rental for office spaces & safe homes, budget for projects and outreaches, etc) Since the inception of the organization, Women and Beyond has been mostly funded by the director through her monthly salary. In 2020 all our cases had been handed over accordingly to other organizations for immediate and effective facilitation. Some services that Women and Beyond has offered in the past will be performed by its parent ministry, Christ Cornerstone
(www. christcornerstoneministries. wordpress.com). We would like to thank the businesses, organizations and individuals who have made contributions towards Women and Beyond over the past thirteen years and collectively made a contribution towards making a difference in the lives of the women and children we have assisted.

 SisterBasha Pty (Ltd) CSI (Corporate Social Investment)

From the 1st of February 2021, Women and Beyond will be taken over by SisterBasha Pty (Ltd) CSI. The new division for SisterBasha Pty (Ltd) will provide the similar services that Women and Beyond performed such as school outreaches, fundraising projects, facilitating medical and surgical cases, etc. A portion of every patient's consultation fee at the medical practice will be going towards our CSI cases involving children who will be in need of medical and surgical intervention and are coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. These funds, along with sponsorships and pledges will help to source out medical personnel who can tend to each of the children's medical/surgical needs and to acquire medical devices that they would've otherwise been unable to afford. The Legacy Program will also undergo changes with the program being incorporated into SisterBasha Pty (Ltd) CSI. The Legacy Program will now incorporate the youth BOTH girls and boys with school outreaches where health education, mental health talks and screenings will be performed at schools in disadvantaged areas/communities.

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